Experiential Solutions

Social & Offline Integration

Mobile & Offline Integration

  • With almost every individual looking at his mobile almost hundred times a day on an average, it has now become very important to think about mobile and offline integration
  • To communicate with these 'on the go consumers' we not only offer services that are engaging & appealing but come with a blend of unmatched creative strategy and technology in the industry
  • Mobile campaigns, social media, games, augmented reality, location based technology etc. all are a part of this technology

Augmented Reality

  • When it comes to augmented reality, our team of experts develops innovative apps that transform real world magazines, newspapers and products to life on mobile. Our augmented reality solutions help you optimize your business and get desired, measurable results
  • Augmented reality is a whole new dimension of interaction with your brand by enabling memorable experiences that form lasting & valuable impressions
  • It presents unparalleled opportunities in regards to engaging with consumers in real-time
  • Creating customized interactive displays and online & offline activities supported by augmented reality is what we do
    • Here's an example of what National Geographic did with Augmented Reality. (This is just for explanation purpose only)
    • (This example is just for explanation purpose only)